Feature overview

Feature Free Version Pro License
Basic results capability with lifters, groups, teams and weighins. check check
Document printing: Speaker cards, weighin overview, equipment check, rack heights, protocol. check check
Automatic time schedule, adjustable seconds per lift. check check
Prognosis of total weight, points and place according to remaining lifts. check check
Timers: “Bar loaded” 1 minute timer and automatic 1 minute timer for reporting new attempt. check check
Rankings by wilks points (total and per discipline) and IPF style team points ranking. check check
Automatic distribution of lot numbers. check check
Information screen views: Results(current group) with lifter order, current lifter, bar loading with rack heights, standby/info. check check
Excel export of results, for printing diplomas via Word Mail Merge. check check
Mark record attempts. check check
Translate the system to any language. check check
Custom categories and weight classes. check check
Live online scoresheet. check
Online backup of competition data. check
Technical support via e-mail with 2 day response guarantee.* check
Custom integration with federations database(lifters, competitions, nominations, results, records) check

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