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    Manage all aspects of competitions

    Powerlifting Live manages preparations, execution and post competition tasks. The software will simplify and optimize the task of organizing a competition.

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    Complete results functionality

    Create weighins, groups, teams, lifters. Enter all lifts, register records. Automatic calculation of results including wilks points and continuous prognosis.

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    Information screens

    Show different information screens targeted at the audience, coaches and spotters.

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Powerlifting Live is a software which is used to improve the workflow and information flow when organizing powerlifting competitions. It has been in use for national powerlifting championships in Norway since 2007.

Information screens

Display information on a number of different screens: Scoresheet, bar loading, current lifter.

Live online results

Simple live online publishing of competition results, with minute to minute updates.

Document creation

Automatically create ready to print documents with speaker cards and lists for weighin, rack heights and equipment check.


Integrate with your existing lifter and results database for easy importing of records and nominations, and export of results.

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Speaker cards

Results screen

Results screen


Live online scoresheet


Administration panel


Lifter screen


Bar loading screen